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Marital age requirements in Arizona:

Male (parental consent)
Female (parental consent)
Minors under 16 may be allowed to marry with parental consent and approval of superior court judge.
Welcome to MaritalLaws! In this section you will find information on laws regarding alimony, child support, custody, divorce, visitation, and even property division for the state of Arizona.

Arizona | Alimony Law Summary

How is a Move for Alimony Considered in Court?

In the state of Arizona, a divorced spouse may file for a maintenance order. In the legal proceedings for the divorce of a married couple or after such, the court may grant a maintenance order, known as alimony, for either spouse, the size, length, and existence of such an order is dependent on many factors.

If the spouse seeking alimony lacks sufficient property, money, and possessions to provide for their reasonable needs, they may file for an alimony order. Other requirements are as follows: if the spouse is unable to be self-sufficient through their attainable employment or in custody of a child that is of the age or condi ....... Click here to get more info on Alimony

Arizona | Child Support Law Summary

How Do Child Support Payments Work?

If a person required to pay support other than by personal check demonstrates full and timely payment for twenty-four consecutive months, that person may pay support by personal check if these payments are for the full amount, are timely tendered and are not rightfully dishonored by the payor bank or other drawee. ....... Click here to get more info on Child Support

Arizona | Custody Law Summary

What Factors are Considered in a Custody Proceeding?

Custody would be determined based on the following factors:

1. The past, present and potential future relationship between the parent and the child

2. The interaction and interrelat ....... Click here to get more info on Custody

Arizona | Divorce Law Summary

How Does a Divorce Proceeding Work?

The state of Arizona has an interesting approach to divorce law that it defines two different types of marriage for its proceedings. It recognizes a standard marriage and a covenant marriage.

A covenant marriage is a marriage that requires a couple to attend premarital counseling sessions that emphasize on the nature, purpose, and responsibility of marriage and must sign a document declaring that the wedding is for life. These types of marriages can only be dissolved by a court either for adultery; a spouse had committed a felony, substance abuse, sexual abuse, and living separately for a certain amount of time specified by law. For Arizona, it is two years. Covenant marriage is only recognized in three states: Arizona, Arkansas, and Louisiana.

Once the type of marriage is decided, the couple should file within the appropriate superior court of their county a Petition for Dissol ....... Click here to get more info on Divorce

Arizona | Visitation Law Summary

How Does Visitation Work?

In the state of Arizona, anyone other than the legal parent can petition a superior court for the authority granted to make decisions on behalf of a child. This petition will be denied if the court determines any of the following factors to be true:

  • Loco parentis standing

  • Significantly detrimental effects to the child should he or she stay under the care of legal parents

  • A court has not approved an order re ....... Click here to get more info on Visitation

Arizona | Property Division Law Summary

How Does Property Division Work?

In Arizona, marital property, or property acquired during the marriage, is distributed equally (50-50) to each party unless the court finds such a division to be inequitable or parties agree to a different formula under which to divide property. ....... Click here to get more info on Property Division

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