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Marital age requirements in Maryland:

Male (parental consent)
Female (parental consent)
Minors under 15 yrs. old may not marry. Minors 15 yrs. old may obtain license in case of pregnancy or birth of child with parental consent.
Welcome to MaritalLaws! In this section you will find information on laws regarding alimony, child support, custody, divorce, visitation, and even property division for the state of Maryland.

Maryland | Alimony Law Summary

How Does the Process of Obtaining Alimony Work?

In the state of Maryland, upon divorce, a spouse may file for alimony. ....... Click here to get more info on Alimony

Maryland | Child Support Law Summary

What is Considered in Determining Child Support Payments?

The adjusted basic child support obligation shall be determined by multiplying the child support obligation by one and one–half. ....... Click here to get more info on Child Support

Maryland | Custody Law Summary

How Does the Court Make a Decision for Custody?

In an action in which custody, visitation rights, or the amount of support of a minor child is contested, the court may:

  • appoint a lawyer who will represent the child and who may not represent any party to the action

  • hire a lawyer who shall represent the child's best interests, not representing either party

  • impose counsel fees against one or more parties

In a custody or visitation proceeding, the court will make considerations from the following:

  • the other parent of the child

  • the spouse

  • any child residing within the household, not just the child in subject

If the court finds that a party has committed abuse against the other parent of the party’s child, the party’s spouse, or any child residing within the party’s household, the court shall make arrangements for custody or visitation that best protect:

(1) the child who is the subject of the proceeding

(2) the victim of the abuse.

If one or both parents of a minor child is an unemancipated minor, the parents of that minor parent are jointly and severally responsible for any child support for a grandchi ....... Click here to get more info on Custody

Maryland | Divorce Law Summary

What are the Grounds for Divorce?

The state of Maryland, the one wanting the divorce must have lived in the state for one year before the court will consider a petition. Once done, the person wishing a divorce can file.

Maryland does not have a divorce option, but it has an extensive collection of reasons that a divorce can be sought. The reasons as stated by the state are:

(1) Mutual Consent (no minor children with signed Marital Settlement Agreement)

(2) adultery

(3) desertion, if:

(i) the desertion has continued for 12 months without interr ....... Click here to get more info on Divorce

Maryland | Visitation Law Summary

How are Visitation Rights Requested?

A biological parent of a minor child may request visitation rights as part of an open divorce, parentage or custody case. A parent seeking visitation may also file a petition for visitation if none of these circumstances apply.

When deciding on visitation rights the court will base their decision on whether granting a parent visitation would be in the "best interests of the child."

What is considered in a child's "best interests" include: how the visitation arrangement will impact the child's well-being, the parent's ability to cooperate, the child's preference for visitation; the child's age and any hi ....... Click here to get more info on Visitation

Maryland | Property Division Law Summary

How does Property Division Work?

Under Maryland law, marital property is that which is acquired or is a direct result of the labor and investments of the parties during the marriage is subject to equitable division. ....... Click here to get more info on Property Division

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